Rules and policies


Absence from school

There are clear legal requirements to maintain regular student attendance at school. However, if a child is ill, he or she should remain at home under the care of parents or guardians. Please phone the school or send a written note of explanation on the day that the student returns to school. This note should be shown to the class teacher.

If your child’s absence is likely to extend to 3 days or more, it is requested that you maintain liaison with the school. It is our practice to contact families if an unexplained absence extends beyond this time.

Sun safety

Wearing of a legionnaire or a broad-brim hat by all students, staff and volunteer helpers for any activity conducted outside is compulsory. Students who do not wear appropriate headwear must sit on the ‘no hat’ seat.

Bicycle riding

Wearing of a helmet is mandatory. Children must lock their bikes to the bike racks daily. The bike shed is locked at 9.10am each morning and opened prior to 3pm. For safety reasons, children must walk their bikes inside the school grounds.

Toys, valuables and jewellery

The bringing of toys or valuables (e.g. mobile phones, swap cards etc.) to school is strongly discouraged. The school accepts no responsibility for toys or valuables which are lost or stolen.

Mobile phones are not allowed in classrooms. Phones can be left at the office.

The wearing of a ring is acceptable, but bangles, brooches, necklaces or any other jewellery is not allowed. Such jewellery is considered a workplace health and safety risk.  Small sleepers or small studs can be worn in pierced ears.

Money should be delivered to the school office as soon as the child arrives at school.

Health and well-being of our students


School staff is responsible for administering medication to any children in their care. A written record is maintained of every occasion a child takes medication of any kind. If your child is to take tablets, antibiotics or asthma sprays, you must inform your child’s teacher in writing describing the requirements and doctor’s instructions. There are blank forms kept at the office that list the information required. Unless the necessary details are provided in writing, the medication cannot be given.

All medication including asthma sprays is held at the office where your child has ready access to his or her medication and its use can be monitored. Asthma sprays may be kept personally by the child following a formal request by parents.

It is Education Queensland's policy that non-prescribed medications (such as analgesics, panadol and over the counter medications) are not to be administered by school staff.

Infectious diseases

For your information the following infectious diseases table is included:

  • Chicken Pox – exclude until fully recovered or at least 5 days after the eruption first appears.  Note that some remaining scabs are not a reason for continued exclusion.
  • Conjunctivitis – exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
  • Glandular Fever – exclusion is not necessary.
  • Head lice/School s​ores/Ringworm/Scabies – readmit the day after appropriate treatment has commenced. Any exposed sores must be covered. 
  • Measles – exclude for at least four days after onset of rash.
  • Mumps – exclude for 9 days or until swelling goes down (whichever is sooner).
  • Rubella (German Measles) – exclude until fully recovered or for at least 4 days after the onset of rash.
  • Whooping Cough – exclude the child for 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment​.
Last reviewed 10 December 2019
Last updated 10 December 2019